The Testing Company For Websites And Mobile Apps. We provide quality assurance testing services for any product that appears on a screen and interacts with a human.

Enjoy the benefits of a dedicated QA team
at the gate of the big Asian market.
Build and managed by a certified ISTQB French management with 10 years of experience in QA and 20 years in software development.

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Rocket the quality of your apps to the next level

Testing Studio delivers high-quality QA outsourcing services. To avoid the risks that often happen with offshore teams, we build a strong team for each client based on both local profiles and international profiles (native from the client's country).

For our clients in Paris, France we develop a specific offer that combine offshore and onshore QA talent. QA managers are embedded in our clients' IT projects department. They are closest to clients' project management and project decision centers. The remote testing team is, like that, managed by experimented profiles who knows how to deal with the context.

With a high level of transparency, thanks to our real-time dashboard, and regular deliveries, our testers help our clients to have a clear understanding of the quality of their apps.

As a quality assurance company, Testing Studio provides all needed to run a powerful offshore QA team. We proudly help companies to launch their products bug-free while keeping costs low.

Zero bug

Upgrade your user experience with a bug-free app

Push tests to the fullest possible extend with a dedicated test strategy included a customized test plan and a smart selection of devices to test.

Testing Studio personalize your test strategy with a set of functional tests, ergonomic tests, monkey tests, etc.

Need more? Add different scenarios to deeply test the user experiences.

Run functional tests
Devices Lab

Test on the real devices
used by your customers

Create your own personalized panel with mobiles, tablets and PCs you want to test by picking from our catalog of available terminals.

Our large range of devices, based on the most recent flagships from Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Honor, Xiaomi, Wiko, Vivo, Oppo... but also some oldest ones starting from android 4.3 or iOS 9, let you touch an high percent of your client configurations.

Our test leaders are there to help you build the right and smartest devices panel for a secured and confident test strategy. Just ask!

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User scenarios

End-to-end testing
Secure your business

Define the most important user scenarios. Complete with your data sets. Execute your end-to-end tests. Confirm that everything works fine!

Check the main user scenarios to ensure a perfect user experience. A bug-free website or mobile app is the best way to increase your user satisfaction and your income.

Get help to define your end-to-end tests
increased revenue

Improve your tests
less bugs more satisfaction
more revenue

On mobile or PC, less bugs means more interactions that means more sales. Whether your app is e-commerce, web app or mobile app based Testing Studio give you the right testing tools and testers to test more efficiently your functionalities and webdesign. So your visitors come back more often, and drive more revenue and satisfactions.

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PC and mobile testing automation
that fits your need

Did you know a well-implemented automation testing strategy could highly increase your Return On Investment (ROI) allocated to your digital testing?

Automate your mobile testing strategy with Selenium + Appium, Ranorex or UFT + Mobile Center.

Let "Testing Studio" automate your functional test campaigns, our scripts doing the work for you and follow executions in real time with our Report Portal platform.

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Continuous testing

Continuous deliveries
Continuously tested

Just test, test and test again. Non-regression tests are launched at each new delivery. Everything is retested. Don't skip this step in your test strategy and let a critical bug pass in the production environment.

Execute your non-regression tests with just the right functional and automated testing.

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