Testing Studio

Here, we test!

Testing Studio is a software testing services company based in Asia [Cambodia].

We are your partner to meet and exceed your quality objectives.

Functional Testing, End-to-End Testing, Multi-Platform Compatibility Testing, Automation ... Testing Studio offers its expertise in Quality Assurance to all stakeholders (Start-up, SMEs, Key Accounts, Europe, North-America and North-Asia) whatever the activity (Luxury, E-commerce, Leisure, Air, Retail, BtoB, BtoC ...).

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Why Testing Studio is the right QA partner for you?

Today, developing new software, website, mobile apps or desktop applications is more and more complex. Building a strong developers team is already a big challenge. So, if in addition you also have to manage a QA team it becomes a real headache and you end up doing with the means at hand. The bare minimum.

But if you neglect to implement a strong quality strategy and execution, like the ones that Testing Studio offers, your application launch could be delayed or even canceled due to unforeseen issues that would have been caught in testing.

Testing Studio was created by a French team with more than 10 years of experience in Quality Assurance and 20 years in website development. We offer a wide range of QA testing services and solutions completed by a team of quality assurance experts (Manual and Automation).

We have also implemented our test teams in Southeast Asia, at the gateway to the major markets in the region: China, Hong-Kong, Japan, South Korea ... Our testers speak English. And we can set up test teams in Chinese, Korean and Japanese. But to lessen the cultural differences, our testers are supervised by test leaders or managers native to the United States or Western Europe.

At Testing Studio we are customer-centric. We support our clients at each stage of the execution of their testing strategy. We will therefore regularly ensure that you are completely satisfied with our professionalism and our testing services.