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About Testing Studio

Testing Studio was created to play a key role in the quality of websites and mobile apps.

With the continuous evolution of operating systems, web browsers (software), mobile terminals (hardware) but also connectivity (5G), it is essential for all brands to offer a seamless experience to their users in terms of use, ergonomics, and performance when they use their digital apps.

In production, each issue, or bug, is a source of frustration for the user. For the brand, it is synonymous with a degraded brand image and for e-commerce websites to revenue loss.

Here, at Testing Studio, our job is to detect issues before users.

Join us and be a part of this adventure that makes web users happier :)

Positions available in Phnom Penh

Quality Assurance Tester

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Test Automation Engineer

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Symfony Webdeveloper

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Digital Marketing Specialist

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Senior HR and Admin Officer

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