Tailor-made Testing Solutions

Upgrade your test strategy to the next level with your own professional QA team.

Advantages of QA outsourcing with Testing Studio:

  • Full-time QA professionals speaking English fluently;
  • ISTQB certified test managers and test leaders;
  • Test managers with a European or American culture (native).
  • Work in popular software development methodologies (Waterfall, Agile, DevOps/Continuous Delivery, and more);
  • Agility and scalability allowing a quick increase in resources;
  • Self-managed teams ready to cater to a continuous comprehensive testing process and possible QA issues.

Test strategy

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Adopt a successful testing strategy for your agile or V-cycle projects with Testing Studio.

Designing a test strategy upstream of your projects means ensuring rigorous and optimized quality control throughout the development cycle. Our test leaders contact the Product Owner, the scrum master, the CIO to gather the need and understand the issues. Then they establish a test strategy adapted to your project according to the elements that can be provided: Functional Specifications (SFD), User Stories (US), Wireframes / Concept Graphs, Sitemap, Expression of need ...

The aim of Testing Studio is to propose a test strategy perfectly adapted to the project objectives for a total control of the test budget. It integrates risk management, development cycles, data set requirements, the implementation of different test environments, the implementation of essential testing tools (Bugtracker, Test Repository), etc.

Test plan design

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Design the right test cases to ensure high risk coverage.

Before running test campaigns for a website or mobile application, it is necessary to write accurate test plans with the right level of detail in test cases. This requirement, as a common thread, ensures the control of the test campaign to be conducted. To be effective, it is still necessary to know how to formalize and write the cases and test plans. Testing Studio delegates this task to an experienced ISTQB certified test team.

If necessary, and depending on the maturity of the project or the internal teams, We may recommend the implementation of a dynamic test repository. A tool like Testlink, Squashâ„¢, X-ray (Jira) makes it possible to streamline and professionalize the creation, maintenance and execution of test campaigns. Our teams take care of the deployment of the tool and the training of the users internally, or accompany your teams if necessary.

Functional testing

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Ensure the perfect behavior of the features of your responsive apps and websites.

"AnyTime, AnyWhere, AnyDevice" is now the behavior of Internet users. Habits that have a major impact on new users' expectations and the ROI of your applications. Hence the need to conduct a functional testing strategy, because the behavior of features may vary from one OS to another (iOS, Android, Windows 10, Windows 7, etc.), a browser to the other…

Functional tests are intended to ensure the perfect behavior of the features of mobile applications and sites on all devices. To achieve this goal, our experts collect functional requirements, set up test repositories and datasets, then manually run functional tests and automate critical test cases.

End-to-End testing

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Unroll critical test scenarios for durable and trouble-free system operation.

Do you want to make sure that users of your travel app will be able to change their trip once they have confirmed their ticket? Do you want to check that the promotional codes of your e-commerce site will only apply to the users registered in your newsletter?

More generally, you have identified the most important user scenarios for your application and, of course, you want to ensure that everything goes smoothly without any problems.

Testing Studio offers you to perform for you end-to-end user tests based on test scenarios, different personas, datasets, and multi-devices. This test phase will also make it possible to trace any inconsistencies that might dissuade the user from using your application (too many steps, too long overall execution time, etc.).

Non-regression tests

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Industrialize your non-regression tests (service center and automation).

The Non-Regression Tests are intended to ensure that the modifications and evolutions made by the developers during the last sprint did not cause any edge effect, by altering the unmodified parts of the code. They must be launched at each delivery.

To improve the ROI of the tests and to respect the delivery planning, these tests are generally automated. Thus, the manual test efforts can be concentrated on the functional and ergonomic evolutions.

Multi-devices testing

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Check the compatibility of your applications on the main devices of your users.

Today, the multiplicity of devices (mobiles, tablets, desktop), OS and overlay builders is a challenge on a daily basis to offer and maintain quality applications for all its users.

When you launch an application, it is likely to be displayed on more than a thousand different terminals. To ensure an optimal user experience, your mobile application or responsive website must be perfectly adaptable to all screen sizes and resolutions, regardless of device or browser.

Compatibility tests make it possible to overcome the problems of displays and operation related to the disparity of configurations and terminal models.

Automation tests

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Automate your tests and increase the return on investment for quality.

The automation of non-regression tests makes it possible to test a website or a mobile application on a regular basis. They can be launched on demand at each new "build" via a continuous integration environment. Or every day to check in production the perfect operation and ensure that the business will be as usual!

The speed and rigor of automated testing now makes them indispensable for any development in agile environments.